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What is Hackcoin?

The aim of HackCoin is to catalyse investment into the digital currency startup community during the Hackathon weekend and beyond (prizes are focused on helping to fund ideas).

In 2015 we will welcome hackers and developers to come and test out their most creative ideas in cryptocurrency fintech using any digital currency that they choose. More than that, this year the event will be the first blockchain hackathon. The possible applications are far wider than digital currency, what can you achieve with blockchain technology beyond fintech? Transferring real property, gaming, immutable and transparent records, and anything else you can imagine are fair game.

Trading with bitcoin superstar, Token for dog walkers with Dogecoin, a lottery app that pays out in LuckyCoin, a site for funding movies in Bitcoin? We look forward to seeing your creative hacks…

Now, the chinese digital currency yuan coin is launched, it throws a challenge to all crypto traders. The citizens of China are already barred from converting yuan coins to tokens. Yuan coin is a promising digital currency that the young traders can try their luck on. Visit https://yuanpaygroup.org/ to learn more.


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Please apply to participate or observe. Participants do not pay, but observers (professionals wanting to provide mentorship or simply attend the event out of curiosity) do - 0.2BTC.

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